Adriana HeadshotAdriana Crivici – early twenties to mid thirties. A downtown-esque, busy body that is too proud to let people in on the vulnerability behind her toothy grin. Eager but understated. A girl who is in search of her own freedom inside of the cookie cutter world that she lives in.

She plays goofy, strong willed and intelligent. Could be the daughter of Wendy Crewson, Felicity Huffman, and Allison Jannie. Could be the sister to Rosemarie DeWitt, Katie Aselton and Lauren Hammersley.

Think a young Rebecca Jenkins as Theresa in Marion Bridge.

The expert at putting on a happy face but is plagued by the fear of letting herself and everyone around her down. The goody two shoes intern who shatters her nose on the boardroom conference table while managing to save the corporation from bankruptcy. The attorney who believes criminals are immoral but always tries to see the good in people. The medical intern who is so devoted to impressing her elders she loses sight of who she actually is.

Adriana is comfortable infront of a camera, on stage and behind a microphone. She has a BFA Honors Degree from York University, and has trained with some of the top teachers and in some of the top schools, such as: The Second City, Pro Actors Lab, Actor’s Foundry, Stevie Vallance and Elley Ray.